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social practices and discourses around new visual technologies (digital cameras and mobile phone cameras)

The aim of the research is to focus on social practices and discourses of new visual technologies (digital cameras and mobile phone cameras) which during last few years have been embodied into everyday life of different social groups. We will discuss for what reason, when (typical situations), how often people use mobile phone camera, ask them to show and comment on what pictures they are storing on the phone, what they do with these pictures (do they look at them, show to others, etc.), then we can discuss the practices of usage of digital camera - occasions, storing, sharing, etc. Perhaps posthumanist approach is going to be embedded into the research by which we mean concentration not only on what people do with new visual technologies but also what they – technologies – do with them (Bruno Latour).


  • In-depth interviews with target group
  • Photo-elicitation on photos taken by informants
  • Content and semiotic analysis of gathered visual materials produced by informants


  • Articles
  • Postresearch workshop (, to be confirmed
  • Practices for students

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